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All books are available in paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited.

Finding Grace Cover.jpg

Finding Grace

ISBN: 978-1082709180

March 20, 2020

Facing family drama and career-altering challenges, pop artist Grace sees Alex and his documentary project as a welcome distraction. She trusts Alex with her secrets, but will she learn to embrace the goals she once set aside?

This is a story of loss, love, faith, and family.

Living in the Music Cover.jpg

Living in the Music

Finding Grace Book Two

ISBN: 979-8718548006

March 27, 2021

After six months, Grace finally sees progress with her most troubled music therapy student, only to be thrown into an unexpected ultimatum. Meanwhile, on his first big budget film, Alex’s success is tainted by a scandal.


Together, they can help each other achieve their goals. What will it take to overcome the strain on their relationship and move into a bright future?

Christmas Canvas Cover (1).jpg

Christmas Canvas

Finding Grace Book Three

ISBN: 979-8482056585

November 5, 2021

After a year on a missions trip, coming home isn't that easy, were it not for Emma.

Her life is picture perfect until Trey shows up at her door. She is challenged by his ambitious faith. She’s striving to reach her own goals. And Christmas is coming.

Will this season of hope help them embrace life’s most important moments?

Tempo of Kindness Front Cover.jpg

The Tempo of Kindness

ISBN: 979-8642758878

July 21, 2020

His career in shambles, Beau lives with his grandma after the passing of his grandpa. Broke and dejected, he bonds with an injured crow. If that weren’t strange enough, he stumbles on an unexpected discovery.

Intrigued by Beau, his crow friend, and his discovery, Kate insists on befriending him. Her solid faith inspires him, but will he trust in God and mend the old pieces of his life with the new? What other adventures await him?

The Love We Grow Cover.jpg

The Love We Grow

ISBN: 979-8477954803

September 24, 2021

Finding success with his music, Beau starts an initiative to help budding musicians.

After helping so many brides with their dream weddings, Kate is finally planning her own—if only there weren’t so many snags along the way.

When her inner struggles deepen with winter, their focus is shaken. As spring blossoms, what will it take to overcome?

To Save A Life.jpg

To Save a Life

ISBN: 979-8688780642

November 7, 2020

Shocked by the news of her recurring lymphoma, Kayla sees a difficult road ahead. Determined to keep her news a secret, she launches a Christmas fundraising campaign for children’s charities and cancer research.

Ben, her best work friend and secret crush, fully supports her campaign. Trusting him with her newfound passion is easier than trusting him with her burdens and with her heart. What will it take to find her courage?

Heartbeats 'til Christmas

ISBN: 979-8361263998

November 14, 2022

Meet Calla, a slightly overworked journalist and photographer, following the scoop of the season in her beloved little town. Enter Justin, a young doctor looking to rebuild his practice and reconnect his family in this same little town.

From the moment they meet, sparks fly.


She discovers he’s carrying more baggage than first meets the eye. Lending a listening ear is easy, but will she, in turn, trust him with her secrets? Will their unreconciled pasts keep them from a bright future?

Summer's End COVER.jpg

Summer's End

ISBN: 979-8508847753

July 23, 2021

Living a life of privilege, Everly assumes their love of water is the only thing she and Kevin have in common. Her family suffers a huge loss, her past feels inescapable, and her dreams seem unattainable.

Taking a step into Kevin’s world, she questions her goals and values. Sharing her faith and helping the less fortunate gives perspective, but will it heal past hurts? What will it take to move forward and live her dreams?

Autumn Seas cover.jpg

Autumn Seas

ISBN: 979-8352134115

September 14, 2022

Living their best life on the Mediterranean, tracking dolphins and deep sea diving, Kevin and Everly couldn’t be happier. In a mysterious sequence of events, Everly determines to uncover the truth, although the path may be dangerous.


After an unfortunate incident, Kevin is faced with open wounds of the past and now has a choice to make. Can their bond and their faith hold them together? How will they navigate the waters of this new adventure?

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