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Upcoming Release

Overbaked Cover 2.jpg

Releases July 19, 2024!

Amber is a new owner of a little downtown bakery. For months, her shop has faced boarded up windows and a deserted sidewalk, where a town staple used to be. Then a chocolate shop moves into the empty storefront across the street, bringing Dylan into her life.

Coming from a long-standing franchise, Dylan strikes out on his own. Against the wishes of the family, the newest branch in this small town becomes his passion and his ticket to freedom.

Amber sees rivalry, while her friends see potential.

A story full of sweet moments, sweet desserts, stress-baking, chocolate tasting, and a dash of soul-searching.

2023 Release

Touched by a Song Cover.jpg

A Finding Grace novel

Released October 25, 2023

When Melody and Ronen are thrown together, his reluctance isn’t the only giant they face. Melody has a blast from the past that opens fresh wounds.

After a rocky beginning, they soon learn there’s more than meets the eye. As they form an unlikely friendship, Melody begins to realize how much Ronen has to offer. If only he could let go of the secrets of his past.


Ronen has spent too long being angry with God and with himself. Now faced with this new challenge, where will he go from here? And what about him and Melody—will their bond be enough, and will their faith keep it strong?

2022 Releases

Heartbeats (1).jpg

A Star Creek Christmas novel

Released November 14, 2022

In Heartbeats ‘til Christmas, meet Calla, a slightly overworked, neurotically charming journalist and photographer, following the scoop of the season in her beloved little town.


Enter Justin, a young doctor looking to rebuild his practice and reconnect his family in this same little town. From the moment they meet, sparks are flying. But will their unreconciled pasts keep them from a bright future?

Autumn Seas (2).jpg

Sequel to Summer's End

Released September 16, 2022

Living their best life on the Mediterranean, tracking dolphins and deep sea diving, Kevin and Everly couldn’t be happier. In a mysterious sequence of events, Everly determines to uncover the truth, although the path may be dangerous.


After an unfortunate incident, Kevin is faced with open wounds of the past and now has a choice to make. Can their bond and their faith hold them together? How will they navigate the waters of this new adventure?

This was such a refreshing read during today's chaotic world!

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