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2021 Releases

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Finding Grace Book Three

Released November 5, 2021

After a year on a missions trip, coming home isn't that easy, were it not for Emma.

Her life is picture perfect until Trey shows up at her door. She is challenged by his ambitious faith. She’s striving to reach her own goals. And Christmas is coming.

Will this season of hope help them embrace life’s most important moments?

The Love We Grow Cover.jpg

Sequel to The Tempo of Kindness

Released September 24, 2021

Finding success with his music, Beau starts an initiative to help budding musicians.

After helping so many brides with their dream weddings, Kate is finally planning her own—if only there weren’t so many snags along the way.

When her inner struggles deepen with winter, their focus is shaken. As spring blossoms, what will it take to overcome?

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Released July 23, 2021

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Finging Grace Book Two

Released March 27, 2021

After six months, Grace finally sees progress with her most troubled music therapy student, only to be thrown into an unexpected ultimatum. Meanwhile, on his first big budget film, Alex’s success is tainted by a scandal. Together, they can help each other achieve their goals. What will it take to overcome the strain on their relationship and move into a bright future?

This was such a refreshing read during today's chaotic world!

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2020 Releases

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