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Upcoming Novel Aesthetic

I’ve been working hard on my next release. My second novel, The Tempo of Kindness, was originally a (winning!) Nanowrimo project. My husband had an idea for a simple story element. I found it interesting. So, I added characters, a love interest, backstories, plot events…basically the rest of the novel. After undergoing four or five rounds of editing, this novel is ready for the world!

Beau mood board

An unsuccessful musician, Beau lives with his grandma for the summer after the passing of his grandpa. Broke and dejected, he helps an injured crow and forms an unlikely bond. If that weren’t strange enough, he stumbles on an unexpected discovery and decides to investigate.

Kate is a florist and a young friend of his grandma, whose solid faith inspires him. Can he relearn to trust in God as he once did? Can the new pieces of his life help him mend the old?

Check back soon for the more on this upcoming novel.

In the meantime, enjoy this aesthetic! If you like this one, you might enjoy another aesthetic for my debut novel, Finding Grace.

*Compiled with free-for-use stock photos.

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