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Do we judge books by their covers?

Personally, I judge books by their covers all the time. If I choose to read a book based on the cover alone, it’s a compliment to the cover designer, really. And I’ve had some success finding really good reads based on the cover alone. And sometimes the last page…

Did I just admit to reading the last page of a novel before starting at the beginning?? Whoops. Secret’s out, I live for spoilers. If like the end of the story, then I’ll take the trouble to read it. If I like the cover, I’ll take the trouble to read it.

Well, whether you do judge a book by it’s cover, or it’s last page like I do (or the carefully worded back cover description that’s meant to sell the book), here’s a look at the front cover of my upcoming novel, The Tempo of Kindness.

So much work went into making this look like the vision in my head–mostly by my husband. Fun fact, he admitted he would not choose to read this book based on the cover image, because it “screams romance.” It is, however, his favourite of my novels.

So, even if you do judge a book by the cover, take a minute to look inside…

Enjoy this sneak peek at the interior of my novel. The beginning of the story, and the beginning of Beau’s coming of age.

chapter 1
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