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My NaNoWriMo 2019 Journey

Remember when I said I had a plan for NaNoWiMo? Well, apparently my plans are made to be broken. I made the 50k word count! I’m not even sure how because I was a day or two or three behind basically the entire month. My story went from my usual coming-of-age/romance to mostly romance. I left plenty of loose ends. And it’s not finished.

I didn’t stick to all my plans. I didn’t write out all the scenes I had in my head. I didn’t research enough to go into any sort of depth about my MC’s passions—that’s probably the reason it turned into mostly a romance. I created a few side stories that had no pre-thought whatsoever, and now I have to follow through on them.

But the important thing is that I wrote every day. It was motivating and a fulfilling escape from the projects I’ve been working on for so long. The irony being that now this year’s NaNo novel has been added to my list of projects to work on.

Such is life.

I’m shelving this WIP or a month or two to work on my other projects. More to come on that. Stay tuned!

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