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New Book Release: The Tempo of Kindness

My novel, The Tempo of Kindness, releases July 21, 2020!

Tempo of Kindness was inspired by one small story element: a broke young man who makes friends with a crow. It began as a Nanowrimo project. The story grew and, true to my usual style, became a coming of age and romance.

It’s a story about a young man discovering his place and his purpose, with the help of his grandma, a sassy florist, and a nosy crow.

An unsuccessful musician, Beau stays with his grandma for the summer after the passing of his grandpa. Finding she has next to nothing, he’s determined to help her. When he’s at his lowest, he shows kindness to a crow and they form an unlikely bond.

In comes Kate, who’s a successful florist and a young friend of his grandma’s. Intrigued by Beau, his crow friend, and a mysterious discovery, she insists on befriending him. Perfect for a summer read, this novel is a blend of romance, drama, humour, and a heartfelt message.

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