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Novel Aesthetic!

It’s been over a year since I first began querying my novel Finding Grace. I’ve weathered the querying process, and in the meantime, the novel has been edited, polished, and is waiting for its time to shine. I set aside work on this novel during Nanowrimo. But now that November is over, I’ve gone back to my plans for Finding Grace. You’ll have to wait for more on that, but in the meantime, enjoy this aesthetic!

Grace is a singer-songwriter. Alex is a film student. Grace is facing family drama and career-altering decisions.

On a trip home to see her grandmother, Grace meets Alex, who is planning a documentary project. When he asks her on a whim to be the subject of his documentary, she agrees, thinking it would be a good distraction from personal issues.

Making the documentary together has them learning to set aside their differences and look beyond themselves.

During their film-making adventure, Grace is equally challenged by Alex’s ambitions and his faith in God. She trusts Alex with her secrets, but will she learn to embrace the goals she once set aside?

Check back for more on this novel!

*Wreath photo is mine. The rest are free-for-use stock photos.

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